Our Holy Grail. This information is public top-secret.

Version 1.0

This is our 1st version of our whitepaper and has old and outdated information however it still embodies some of the original concepts that we're using to build Musing.
If you're a sucker for history and would like to know how things began, or are just curious, feel free to download a PDF copy of version 1.0 (we don't know how much longer we'll keep this piece of history *wink* available)

Version 2.0

This version contains the most updated information about the entire Musing ecosystem and it's almost done, we're just finalizing a couple of very important pieces of information.
We can send you an update as soon as it's been released (like we know some people can't wait, promise we're almost there). There's a link to a form below so you can sign-up for instant access:
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